Thursday, 1 January 2009

adventures of a middle-aged rock god... well, maybe not

As with most people, at New Year I start to think about doing something new: ridiculous I know but we all do it.... or at least a lot of us do it.... at least a lot of us try do it. Well anyway, let me tell you what this blog is about.

I'm a musician and I live in Umbria, Italy: for a long time I worked in the UK as a sort of all round media prostitute: making films for corporate clients, organising large scale events and did lots of pretty interesting stuff, but alongside that I've always played music. Since first being hand a guitar by my cousin at about 16 years old: I've always loved the instrument.

So leap forward to Oct 2005 when I meet Lesley, we got married in July 2006 and decided to move out here, which we did in March 2007. I decided that this was the chance to go at music full-time. So we did: I say 'we' as I could not have done any of this without Lesley: lover, wife, partner, best friend and muse. And we've done pretty well and had loads of fun. I went back to where I started; the blues, played several major festivals, and got to know a lot really nice people and great musicians.

However the world of music is changing all the time, what with MYSpace, mp3, Facebook blogs etc.. So I've decided to document my path through this morass, in the hope that it might make me understand better what I'm actually doing, and that it might be interesting to others planning something similar.

So Jan 1: I'm going to post the story so far and a plan of where we are heading. If anybody wants to comment, please do! Advice, personal experience whatever all welcome.

So bye for now, and have a Happy New Year,

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