Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Italian Way

I have good friend who does odd jobs for me around the house; they have always been beautifully and efficiently done................. until now.

Just over a year ago I realised that the gubbins on the bath taps which switches from tap to shower was blocked solid. He came along and with great patience and skill, wacked it as hard as he could and snapped the gubbins proclaiming 'See it's broken!' He then ordered the part, saying it was silly to change the whole thing, and also saying that it might take some time. After a year I felt a little impatient. 'I'll go this week and get it': another month passes. I get angry he say 'I'll go Monday.' He doesn't. A week later, I said 'You've forgotten where that shop is then?' He laughs: I tell him I'm pissed off. At this point the story changes: he's doing work removing of these fittings which I can have. Nothing happens, until he arrives at my door with a full new set. It takes him five minutes, to fix it taking the route that I was happy to take a year ago... Mamma Mia.
PS His reason for not changing it was that the whole unit would have cost us €40: in the end, this is what we did at a cost of €50.

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